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Top Five Dishes You Need to Try While in Colorado

Laughter is brightest where food is best, and there is no love sincerer than that of good food. Not to discourage your love, but everyone falls in love with a well-prepared and cooked meal. Many people don’t visit Colorado for the food, although they should. Colorado possesses the Rocky Mountains, sweeping plains, and serene lakes; it is home to some pretty stunning vistas. The favourite meals to try in Colorado even make the visit more rewarding.

Some of the top 5 best unique dishes from around the state which were either shaped by Colorado or originated in Colorado are discussed below. Even if you are not starving right now, you will as soon as you read about these scrumptious meals; which will make you crave to try. Below is a list of the top 5 dishes you don’t want to miss as long as you are in Colorado;

  1. The Franklin at Denver Biscuit Company

The Franklin is a perfectly well-fried chicken breast, bacon, and cheddar all between two flaky and thick biscuits. Adding to the caloric bomb, the insides have been smothered in creamy sausage gravy. This dish presents the perfect hangover cure, and you can’t help but recommend others to try out this delicacy once you taste it.


  1. Cinnamon Roll at The Butcher Block Café

The sign that is usually in front of Butcher Block Cafe remains unchanged for the past decade. The power is in its simplicity reads “Homemade Cinnamon Rolls.” The Butcher Block Café is the home of cinnamon rolls. The sign is quite humble for the quality of the rolls they offer. These outrageous cinnamon rolls best served at the Butcher Block have been hot for about two decades now. From the amount of flour in the dough which will prepare the rolls to the amount of time that is needed to be worked, to the freehand sugar and cinnamon, the proportions which have been done by top-chefs at the restaurant create some of the most sought-after and consistent pastry in the city.

  1. Colorado Style Pizza at Beau Jo’s

The sheer capacity and size of Beau Jo’s mountain-style pizza is neither greasy nor messy and makes for the perfect after-skiing or boarding treat. Beau Jo’s pizza stands out as the oldest classic on our list of Colorado dishes. The OG shop where the pizza is served was born in 1973 in Idaho Springs and has currently become a staple for snow-sports enthusiasts and many more on their way home.

The Colorado Style Pizza is known for its strikingly massive crust layered with copious toppings and is often measured in pounds. Colorado-style pizza brings carbs to a whole new level. At the Beau Jo’s, they use honey to sweeten the dough. Around the state, they’ve got several locations, one that’s off right I-70 in Idaho Springs.

  1. Rocky Mountain Oysters

This oysters meal is the perfect example of when names can be deceiving. A Rocky Mountain Oyster is, in fact, a bull testicle, which is often sliced thin and deep-fried. Its taste can be compared to perhaps a sweeter, chewy chicken or a little bit like gator meat.

Most of us have probably all been lied to about this dish. It is one of the most famous and popular Colorado dishes, Rocky Mountain Oysters. Many have been tricked into taking the big-ol-bite of fried goodness only to be told the horrifying truth. This meal can be an exciting way to fool your new transplant friend or can as well be used on kids if you want them to learn life lessons the hard way. Visiting the Rocky Mountain Oyster Bar in Nederland is a must whenever you are in Colorado.


  1. Bison Burgers

If you chance to visit or are driving through Colorado, you’ll occasionally see herds of bison, not buffalo, which are usually roaming around the plains. They typically are raised for their meat which tastes delicious. The meat on a burger is the best part. If you’re thinking of getting a burger at a restaurant, do not hesitate to upgrade that meat to that of the grass-fed locally-grown bison patty. You will not regret it.

Feeding your body with the best food brings merry. Some of the above food recipes are yet to be tested for home use and being that many people visit the best restaurants to try what they probably cannot make or cook, the above five places are what you need if you want to carry a food memory with you. The top 5 best dishes listed above will make your stay at Colorado worthwhile; ensure you taste the delicacies as long as you visit.