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Top 10 Legendary Video Games Soundtracks

Some of the best and top-rated video games soundtracks by popular blogs like WhatIsThisSong among others have been composed and enhanced from various primitive sound chips that were commonly expressive during the 1980s. Moreover, the highly ranked video games soundtracks have been appearing on the consoles that are fully available to current musicians. The legendary video games soundtracks have a specific aspect of originality and uniqueness that makes them more appealing to listeners. Here are the top soundtracks that everybody loves.

This video game sound track is a representation of a powerful narrative whose greatness is considerably exemplified through the existence of a stunning score. The composer of the “God of War” video game sound track is Bear McCreary who also happens to have been the composer of “Cloverfield Lane” soundtrack. The memories behind the composition of the “God of War” video game sound track involves a reinvention of sounds such as pounding drums, shrieking brass and deep choirs.

The composition of this soundtrack was done by Hiroki Kikuta after employing some bizarre ways to aid in the transformation of the Super Nintendo sound chip. The “Secret of Mana” has been described by many as a one with an incredibly unique sound in the sense that it does not sound like anything close to those that common in that particular era.

This soundtrack was composed by Shoji Meguro in an attempt to find a mixture of hip-hop, rock, J-pop and jazz among others. The sound of the “Persona 4” resembles that of an autumn breeze that runs through various streets. Additionally, this soundtrack has battle themes that appear like cheesy rock glory belonging to an Iron Maiden Classic.

This video game soundtrack represents an appealing soundscape as well as a great mixture of instrumental and atmospheric musical rhythms. It is similar to music that has a relaxing effect causing the listener to go through a session of meditation. This soundtrack has similaritieswith Zero 7 or Bonobo.


This video game soundtrack is characterized by a post-apocalyptic pastoral tune which attempts to star in a violent hermaphrodite in a seemingly bizarre manner. This soundtrack also represents a categorization for a mix of quiet Spanish guitar, orchestral pieces and Emi Evans’ types of songs among several others.

This soundtrack was composed and produced as a result of an iconic game sound by Kenji Yamamoto. The work on the composition of this soundtrack involved specific compositions that captured sound representing the alien planet Tallon IV coupled with profound emotion and bizarre instrumentation. Moreover, the “Metroid Prime” soundtrack represents collection sound effects from pulp cinema.

This video game soundtrack draws on motifs and themes that have been commonly adopted by the original and previous Legend of Zelda. The voice that comes from this particular soundtrack appears like that of some melodies created by Koji Kondo such as glorious harmonies and solving puzzles among others.


This soundtrack is one of the ones composed by Akira Yamaoka during the establishment of a signature sound. “Silent Hill 3” is also among the ones that were involved in coming up with the crown jewel within the Yamaoka discography. Within this soundtrack, a cresting looping piano has been used in the creation of a unique ecstasy that was never accorded an appropriate release.

This video game soundtrack has commonly been known for a series of bitchin’ jams. In addition, the legacy of the “Dracula’s Curse” soundtrack goes beyond 8-bit and it includes an elegant melange of styles that have been captured in Aria of Sorrow and Symphony of the Night by Michiru Yamane.

The composition of this soundtrack was done by Yuzo Koshiro upon taking a cue from Eurobeat scene and Detroit house among others that were very popular in the 80s and 90s. The track is a moody one and has a sound that is similar to Lethal Weapon of alternate universe.


In summing up, it is worth clarifying that all the top ten legendary video games soundtracks have something in them that contributes to their standing out among the rest. Clearly, the composers of these highly ranked legendary video games soundtracks are talented and experienced in the area of music and sound creation and development. Moreover, all of them are experimentatorsand pioneers in a way. That is why most of their compositions have remained among the legendary ones.

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