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Gaming and Personal Life – What I’ve Understood until Now

Sometimes, being a parent while loving games can be very hard to deal with. Whenever you feel like relaxing with a game after a long day, the baby starts crying. It feels like the Universe hates you. You either can’t play, or you’re too tired to do so.

Gaming and personal life don’t mix very well together. If you have too much of one of them, you feel like you’re losing the other – turning it into an endless battle. Is there a way to balance them – to be a responsible parent while also being able to play? Read to find out.

How It All Started

I clearly remember the day I was playing Doom, and my wife entered my room like a storm. She looked really concerned, and I had no idea what could’ve caused that. “Did I play for that long?” I asked her, thinking she was mad at me. However, she told me that we need to have a serious talk.

Do you know that feeling you get when someone tells you that “you need to talk,” and your heart starts pumping blood like crazy? That was me at that moment. I thought that my intense gaming sessions were preventing me from giving her enough attention. Consequently, I expected her to break up with me, so I was very scared.

She pointed to the table, and I noticed there was an object on it. When I went to check, it was a pregnancy test, and it was positive. My jaw dropped – I was going to be a father. We were very happy, but I was also afraid of the new journey.

How It Played Out

We were very happy when our son was born. He was the light of our lives, and we knew no such happiness up to that point. Still, life wasn’t very easy while he was an infant. My wife was very tired after a long day of caring for him. Therefore, I had to get up when he started crying in the middle of the night.

Exhaustion prevented us from doing anything else that we liked, and I started to really miss my gaming sessions. So, once my son grew up a bit, I went back to gaming. My wife wasn’t really happy at the beginning, because she felt like all the hard work was on her now. So, I scheduled my gaming sessions in order to take care of my family – and keep myself entertained at the same time.

I am now 43 years old, and I successfully took care of my son and my wife, while also being able to play some missions on GTA 3. However, it wasn’t easy – there were still difficulties until I decided on a proper schedule to balance both gaming and personal life. I would still feel my other half staring at me while I was absorbed into the game, but she appreciated that I could be responsible at the same time.

How Can You Have the Best of Both Worlds?

Just because one of them overcomes the other doesn’t mean you should give it up. There are always ways that could help you enjoy both. Here are some tips that could help you succeed in life while being a successful gamer:

  1. Make a schedule

A gaming schedule may be difficult to think about at first because personal life as an adult comes with various responsibilities. You may realize you barely have time for yourself, and you wonder how you are not going crazy.

When making a schedule, you need to consider many things: work, family, house, and others. So, if you want to enjoy some games here and there, you need to find a convenient time. For instance, if you work every day, and need to stay with your family after work, you can play for an hour before going to bed. It’s not much, but you will relax for a bit.

  1. Talk to your loved ones

Did your wife or anyone close to you tell you that they don’t appreciate you playing games so much? Help them understand why it’s so important to you. Tell them that it helps you relax and that it’s beneficial to your mental health. If they love you, they will understand. If you don’t have enough of words to describe why it’s so important to you you can read this essay about video games to find the right ones.

Also, prove to them that you are still capable of taking care of them, even though you need some gaming time.

  1. Don’t overdo it

Make sure you stick to the schedule! If you don’t and end up playing more than you originally intended, your family will think you have a problem. They will feel neglected. Moreover, you will lose the balance, and it could have an impact on your life.

Ensure you can properly balance gaming and personal life.

Final Thoughts

Up to 43 years old, I’ve learned that combining personal life and gaming is not the best thing to do. Too much gaming could damage relationships with your family and friends, and too many responsibilities could drive you crazy at one point. So, it’s important to know how to balance them and have a good life, rather than trying to get 100% out of both.

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