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Biography is a Piece of Writing

  1. A biography is a piece of writing explaining about somebody. Usually, the biography narrates about someone’s life and accomplishments and success. According to Lukens, Facts, concept and attitude feature as the essentials of a biography. The facts must be precise and accurate to create a concept worth reading which consequently gives the attitude of enthusiasm from the author. The interaction of these metrics in a biography makes the writing authentic.
  2. First and foremost, I will show interest in reading a biography. This method creates curiosity in the children to know more about the subject being covered in class. Most importantly, the kids just would want to know why the tutor expressed interest in reading a biography. This technique will finally allow me present them with a biography regarding the subject and assign them a reading task.
  3. Regarding historical responsibility for a biographer is a critical person who ensures the history of influential personalities perennially exists in the society. Writing a biography about successful individuals in the community aid in motivates the future leaders. On personal responsibilities, biographers are required to ensure that a healthy and desirable characters showed by prominent people remains alive. In doing so, the society will emulate such good characters hence building a strong generation.
  4. The most important factors that lead me into reading about people lives includes: developing my mind, to discover new things and ideas, to develop my creative site, developing myself image, and to create daily gratitude in me. The satisfaction of these elements moulds me into a knowledgeable and dynamic individual about the past and current issues.
  5. The biographical fiction gives an account of a contemporary or historical person’s life or triumphs. Inventions unearth new ideas and establish efficient and simplest way activities, and events are handled. In coming up with new ideas, inventions liquefies biographical ideas creating obsolescence. The evaluation and terming the contributions of the invention on biographies the assessment of the events and attributes contrasts between the past and the contemporary society.
  6. The tone and style used by the author to write a biography are instrumental in creating clarity and cohesion in writing. The critical items regarding tone and style involve factuality, clarity, and rhythm. These attributes create coherency in the biography making the writing more enjoyable. The realistic of ideas creates curiosity in the reader to give the lessons learned practice.
  7. Most of the styles applied are also used in the other forms of literature. Because of this reason the same elements used in creating unity and coherency should equally be applied in the biography. Simply, Lukens means biography is also grouped under literature.
  8. Didacticism emphasises the idea that various forms literature ought to convey information and instructions along with pleasure and entertainment. I agree with Lukens suggestion of condoning the element of didacticism in biography. It is because some biographies may cover people whose live history creates a mood of silence and rhetorical in the reader. Such writing does not require pleasing the reader.

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