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Behavior and Psychological Disorders

By definition, the behaviour is a range of mannerisms and actions that are made by an individual in conjunction with either himself or his environment. On the flip side, the psychological disorder is the pattern of mental or behavioral symptoms that bring impacts on multiple areas of one’s life and also creates distress for the individual who experiences the symptoms. Notably, there is difficulty in knowing whether a person’s experiences are due to the severe mental disorder or just their usual reactions towards the occurrences that unfold in their lives. Further, many of the symptoms of the diseases are similar in a variety of the disorders. Therefore, several criteria are used to conclude a specific disorder after a close evaluation of the symptoms. For example, depression and suicidal thoughts are symptoms of borderline personality disease. However, one may experience the same symptoms in his life after a tragic instance in his life like loss of a loved one or even when having difficulty in making ends meet for the family.

Although no gene is responsible for the bipolar disorder, the disease is linked to genetics because it runs in families. In fact, the members of the family with an infected person have high chances of contracting the same. Besides, the environment also plays a significant role in triggering the extreme changes of an individual’s moods that lead to the mood disorder. Pointedly, the Eating disorder exists in several types and kills at least a person in every 62 minutes. Furthermore, the attempt to be a size zero in clothing is majorly concentrated on by the celebrities. They forgo or eat less than the required amounts of food just to maintain their body size which is wrong healthwise.

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