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An Ultimate Guide to Writing Content for Affiliate Marketing

## Introduction

This guide is designed to help you write better content for affiliate marketing.

There are a lot of different ways to make money with affiliate marketing, so this guide will help you find the one that’s right for you. It will also help you understand how affiliate marketing works, so that you can make the most out of your affiliate marketing efforts.

## What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing in which you earn a commission when someone buys a product or service through your affiliate links. There are many different affiliate programs out there, but the most common ones are Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale, and Commission Junction. You can read more about affiliate marketing in the Wikipedia article on affiliate marketing.

In this guide, I will be using the term “affiliate marketing” to refer to the type of affiliate marketing that I am most familiar with, which is to say, affiliate marketing with Amazon. However, you can use this guide to write content for any affiliate marketing program, and it will work just as well for those programs as it does for Amazon affiliate marketing!

If you are new to affiliate marketing and want to learn more about how it works, I recommend reading this guide Earn-Money-With-Affiliate-Marketing on how to make affiliate marketing work for you, as well as the Amazon affiliate marketing guide on Amazon’s website.

## The goal of this guide

My goal with this guide is to teach you how to write great affiliate marketing content. I will teach you:

1. How to choose the right affiliate program for your content

2. What affiliate marketing is, and why it works

3. How affiliate marketing differs from other types of marketing

4. What you need to do to get started in affiliate marketing

5. What to write about

6. What not to write

7. The importance of good writing

8. The different types of content you can write

9. The structure of a great article

10. The best time of day to write an article

11. The most effective way to write a blog post

12. The benefits of writing a blog

13. The types of blog posts you should write

14. The difference between a blog and an e-book

15. The pros and cons of writing e-books

16. The advantages of writing an ebook

17. The differences between an ebook and a webinar

18. How ebooks and webinars are different

19. How you can monetize your ebooks

20. How an ebook can help you build your business

21. How a blog can be used to build a business

22. Why a blog is a better choice than an ebook for building your affiliate business

23. Why you should use a blog to build an affiliate marketing business

24. What type of content to write for your blog

25. What types of articles you should not write

26. How much you should charge for your articles

27. Where to find the best affiliate programs to promote

28. How and where to promote your affiliate products

29. How long you should wait before promoting a product

30. How many products you should promote at once

31. How often you should post on social media

32. What social media platforms you should focus on

33. How social media is different from other marketing channels

34. Which social media channels are the most effective

35. Why Facebook is the best social media channel

36. Why Twitter is the second-best channel

37. Why Pinterest is the third-best

38. Why Instagram is the fourth-best social media platform

39. Why LinkedIn is the fifth-best platform

40. Why Google+ is the sixth-best option

41. Why Reddit is the seventh-best choice

42. Why Tumblr is the eighth-best site

43. Why Quora is the ninth-best place

44. Why Blogger is the tenth-best website

45. Why StumbleUpon is the eleventh-best web site

46. Why Digg is the twelfth-best resource

47. Why Evernote is the thirteenth-best tool

48. Why Slideshare is the fourteenth best tool

49. Why YouTube is the fifteenth best resource

50. Why Vimeo is the sixteenth best place

51. Why Flickr is the seventeenth best site

52. Why DeviantArt is the eighteenth best website

53. Why Wikipedia is the nineteenth best place to find information

54. Why Fiverr is the twentieth best site to buy a service

55. Why Freelancer is the twenty-first best option

56. Why Scribd is the 22nd best website to read books

57. Why SlideShare is the 23rd best tool to create slideshows

58. Why Smashing Magazine is the 24th best resource for web designers

59. Why Shopify is the 25th best website for e-commerce

60. Why Hubspot is the 26th best tool for marketing

61. Why MailChimp is the 27th best service for email marketing

62. Why Weebly is the 28th best option for building a website

63. Why Wix is the 29th best site for creating web pages

64. Why Squarespace is the 30th best platform for building websites

65. Why WordPress is the 31st best website builder

66. Why WooCommerce is the 32nd best service to sell products online

67. Why Tumbler is the 33rd best place for sharing photos

68. Why Typeform is the 34th best way to collect feedback

69. Why SurveyMonkey is the 35th best web-based survey tool

70. Why Trello is the 36th best project management tool

71. Why Unbounce is the 37th best landing page builder

72. Why Hootsuite is the 38th best social networking tool

73. Why Sprout Social is the 39th best content marketing tool

74. Why Marketo is the 40th best marketing automation tool

75. Why Infusionsoft is the 41st best CRM tool

76. Why GetResponse is the 42nd best autoresponder service

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