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I’d like to welcome you to my blog! I’m Brad, and I’m a college student studying at the Duke University in Durham. It’s been a hard couple of years for me as a college student. Moving from Dallas to Durham wasn’t easy and I had to leave most of my friends and acquaintances on a waiting list.

However, I decided to start blogging about topics that interest me as a student of psychology, since the human mind and everything related to human behavior has always fascinated me. You can imagine that my favorite TV shows include things like Mindhunters and Criminal Minds! But let’s not get lost in details and talk about why we are here at all.

My intention is to dedicate this blog to topics about a lifestyle, education, health, and psychology. When it comes to my choice of topics, it was quite easy – I categorized my main interests and hobbies and derived four topics that I want to tackle through my writing.

As someone who is vegan and fitness-aware, I’d like to share some of my experiences and thoughts on how you can improve your daily life and basically feel better about yourself. This topic correlates with health issues and tips that I would also like to talk about. There are some myths I’d like to debunk as well as some advice I can share with you guys on how to live a healthier life without too much compromise.

Now when it comes to my muse and the topic of psychology, I decided to devote a good portion of my blog to this area. The reason for this is because psychology can be linked to every other topic I decided to cover. Think about it – the way we think dictates what we do and how we live our lives. We will explore these topics and more, right here on the blog, so make sure to check back every once in a while to see what I’m up to. I hope you like what you see here and I encourage you to explore and share what you find.