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How Do I Find Inspiration to Write My Essays?


Finding inspiration to write an essay can either be easy or difficult depending on the person, but we can all agree that without the proper inspiration, writing an essay can be stressful, and even impossible. So here are some tips that may help you find that inspiration you need.

First and foremost, you need to be in the mood

If you are not, you will find the whole essay writing thing to be tedious and you will even dread to start. To be in the right mood, you must be relaxed and with proper rest. You must find the motivation on why you must do it, maybe think of your goals on why you are writing an essay, to begin with. Are you writing to get good grades in school? Are you writing to earn money? Are you writing to add new content to your blog? Think of the accomplishments you get by succeeding.

When you are finally motivated, now you look for inspiration. Remember that different people have different inspiration. What may work for one may not work for another? And do know inspiration comes in many forms, you just have to find what matters and what works for you.

Inspiration from other literature or writings

By reading other people’s work, especially by authors or writers you admire, it may give you that inspiration to write your own masterpiece.

Inspiration from music 

Music is a universal language and is known to really affect one’s mood. By listening to songs you love, especially energetic songs, it will give you that boost, that energy to write. Of course, it may be distracting to listen to music while writing your essay, so it is best to listen before you write, or while writing, just lessens the volume.

Inspiration from family, friends and loved ones 

This can really be helpful if you cherish people in your life. Talk to them, think of their own struggles and successes, think of the love you have for each other. This may give you that happy feeling you need to motivate you to write.

Inspiration from events and experiences

May it be from your own life or others, by thinking of important, life-changing events or even just sentimental moments, this can motivate you depending on what topic you are trying to write.

Other than getting those inspirations from different sources, it is also advisable to do some reading like what you are doing now. Continue to learn and gain more knowledge about writing. Read how others get their inspiration, see if it applies to you.  And if you really feel uninspired, maybe take a break, go watch a movie or eat something you are craving for. Look around, look at the beauty and chaos of the world around you. It may surprise you, inspiration, after all, comes in different forms and may show up when you least expect it. In the end, this is a personal thing that you must find for yourself.


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